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Pumps and Fuels awarded NRA Motorway Project

Pumps and Fuels Installations Limited have been awarded the NRA Tranche One Motorway Project  to supply, install and maintain all Forecourt equipment relating to the six new Motorway Service Areas and Truck Stops currently under construction on the M1 and M4 motorways at Castlebellingham, Lusk and Enfield.

"We are absolutely delighted to win this contract and are looking forward to commencing work on site in January 2010" said Kevin Wright, Project Manager.

30 number 40,000 litre CZ underground double skinned fuel storage tanks and 56 Dresser Wayne Global Star 6 hose stage 2 vapour recovery equipped pumps incorporating the latest metering technology and Automatic Temperature Compensation all with outdoor card payment systems will be installed in the retail forecourts.

An additional 30 number 40,000 litre underground double skinned CZ storage tanks, 48 Dresser Wayne Global Star multi hose dispensers with derv, gas oil and Adblu will be installed with MCS card readers in the truck stops.